Gun Point Harbour Development

Gun Point Harbour is located on a remote island in the southern Bahamas.  The Government of Bahamas wanted to improve access to the island for local inhabitants, promote economic development and provide a new southern naval patrol base.

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Ministry of Works & Transport, Government of the Bahamas
Ragged Island, Bahamas
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Ragged Island, Bahamas

Project Highlights

Access to the island is limited due to the lack of suitable landing facilities. The small harbour's primarily purpose is to accommodate a scheduled cargo (mail) boat, Bahamian Defense Force patrol vessels and a high speed RO/RO ferry. Highlights of the design include:

  • Harbour basin excavated into land and designed to survive hurricane
  • N and S breakwaters protect basin from waves and limit sedimentation
  • 120 m long quay wall accommodates 35 m mail boat and 60 m patrol vessel

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Project Challenges

  • Schedule constraints required a fast track schedule for planning and design.
  • Limited geotechnical information available.
  • Adequate armour stone was not locally or regionally available.
  • Manage complicated navigation through reefs and shoals.

Baird Solutions

  • Multiple meetings with key stakeholders to obtain “buy-in” and facilitate approvals in parallel with other critical tasks.
  • The quay wall design accommodates  various subsurface conditions.
  • Locally cast Core-Loc® concrete armour units were incorporated into the design.
  • Aids to Navigation were developed and implemented.

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